Cruise ships hire many workers that work only during specific seasons, who then head back to the mainland for the remainder of the year. Many cruise line also offer options to work and play on board year round, so you can actually live on the ship while enjoying the cruise ship lifestyle. Your dream job in the hospitality and travel industry just may be aboard your favorite cruise line; if you're undecided, here are seven benefits to consider:

Getting paid to travel vs. paying for a trip

Cruise ship employees stay on board for free, with room and board provided. In addition to having the costs of accommodation covered, many positions offer a salary or hourly wage. reports an average tax free salary of $2000-$6500 per month.

Gourmet dining options and free food

Meals during working hours are usually covered by the company, and you'll get discounts on meals and events at restaurants on board. Holidays and special events may even offer free dining all day for employees and their guests.

Visiting a different country every few months

International cruises can take you all around the world where you'll rarely visit the same destination twice. It's an opportunity to explore the world and explore new cultures year round. Many positions also offer 'time off' where you might choose to spend a few days off board at your chosen destination.

No bills to pay

Your entire living and working life is covered by the cruise ship, so your wages can go towards a savings or personal expense account. You'll never have to worry about a cable bill, heating costs, or even renting a movie; everything is taken care of by the luxury liner.

Meeting new people every two weeks

Not only will you be working with different team and staff members, but new guests every 10-14 days can also provide some new social contacts. Cruise ships do have restrictions on employee behaviour where you won't be allowed to socialize with passengers, but there are still opportunities to meet new people as you serve them.

Options to grow in your career in hospitality

Cruise ships offer thousands of management and supervisory positions that you can grow into after a few years of experience. If you're considering making the cruise and hospitality industry your career path of choice, apply for jobs above you and work your way to your dream position.

Free entertainment and access to cruise ship amenities

From the oversized swimming pools to seats at a live music event, you'll have easy access to new events year round. Your weeknights and weekends on board will be far from dull.And if you're worried about losing touch with family and friends from the mainland, just take along your laptop or computer. Many cruise ships are now building cybercafes and some even offer wireless internet in the cabins; you can check e-mail, surf the internet.